Long Island QuietCool Installations

Long Island Quiet Cool Installations


Quietcool Whole House Fan systems:

Quiet Cool Long Island InstallationsAC King in Ronkonkoma is now an authorized Dealer and installer of the complete line of Quiet Cool’s energy saving fan systems on Long Island.

A lot of people ask what is a whole house fan system and how can it benefit me?

A Quietcool fan system  is similar but very different from your air conditioning system aka hvac (heating ventilation and air conditioning). It can work alongside your existing AC and help you use the AC unit much less than you would normally without a whole house fan.

It utilizes outside air to not only cool down the air like a traditional AC system  but is designed to get rid of the latent heat that accumulates in the mass of your house, besides that it eliminates odors throughout your entire house  /It  expels germs, smoke and VOC gases/ It helps to prevent molds and mildew / It safely removes pet dander and odor and the list goes on.

The quietcool fan system cools your home in the evenings or whenever the outside temperature is lower than the internal temperature of your home. Now you may not think that is very often, Especially in the summer, However even if the temperature is different by just a few degrees the whole house fan will cool your house and lighten the load on your A/C Unit(s). It can do this because the mass of your house heats up throughout the day with the suns rays and holds onto this heat till well into the night. Think of a brick house or brick oven even. Whole house fans can get rid of the heat load built up in your house which will result in less of a dependence of mechanical cooling and because of this you will need to use your A/C much less than before, if at all.

The other benefits to a Quietcool fan system are:

  • 10 to 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Low Energy Usage (70-650 Watts)
  • Fans are extremely Quiet
  • Maintenance Free Systems
  • “Energy Saving” Motors
  • Can cut your Air Conditioner cost by 50% to 90%!
  • And much, much more!

We are going to be adding even more info shortly until then check out all the details on Quiet Cool’s Website

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