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Hi This is Vic from AC King LTD with the first in a series of informational videos designed to help you better care for your Heating and air conditioning system.Lets start off with the  four letter word that causes most of all premature system failures


The whole principle of air conditioning has to do with heat transfer. Dust acts like a insulator inhibiting this process which can result in the premature failing of mechanical parts The biggest one being the compressor itself. Which I’m sure a lot of you know how expensive that can be.

Most of these failures can be avoided by simply changing your system filter on a regular  basis. The problem here is once you slack off and allow dirt to get past the filter it accumulates on the air conditioning coils inhibiting the heat transfer and starting you down the dark path to premature breakdown. Enter the hero


There are two basic types of filters Fiber glass and pleated the pros and cons being the fiberglass filters are very cheap and last longer But let a lot of the fine dust through. Whereas pleated filters stop a lot more dust  but require  more changes and are more expensive.

Fiberglass filters are around a dollar apiece and can be changed as little as once every couple of months whereas pleated filters  cost around 5 dollars apiece can filter up to 40% more but require  monthly changes during the cooling season. Either way a few dollars on filters far out weigh a couple of thousand dollars to replace a condensing unit.

As my mother used to say a filter change today keep the repair bills away

or make sure you don’t leave the house with dirty filters you never know when you may be getting a visit from a cute technician.

This is Vic from AC King  next episode will be the importance of an annual tune up. If you would like more tips please visit us at AC King Thank you for your time and attention



Air Conditioning Filters

Air Conditioning Filters
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