Electrical Safety Tips

Keep your home safe

Outlet Safety

* Do not overload outlets. A good rule of thumb would be one plug per outlet.
*Check to make sure outlet and switch plates are not hot to the touch, If so then unplug cords and do not use the switches. Have a qualified licensed electrician perform an electrical inspection as soon as possible.
* Discoloration and/or darkening around outlets and switch cover plates are also signs of potential problems.

GFIC Safety

Be sure you have GFCI protection anywhere electricity and water are within six feet of each Other and also on any outside outlets that are exposed to the weather.
* Test your GFCI monthly.
* If you have a home without GFCIs, consult a qualified, licensed electrician about adding this important safety device.

Extension cords

* Check to make sure electrical cords are in good condition. Cracking and fraying are signs that it is time to replace the electrical cord.
* To avoid overheating extension cords, make sure that they do not run under furniture or Carpeting or behind baseboards.

Long Island Electrical


*Look for cuts and breaks in power cords and plugs and replace if necessary.
* Appliances that repeatedly blow fuses, trip circuit breakers or have given you a shock, should be unplugged and replaced or repaired by a qualified professional
Sizzling Arcing or buzzing from switches or main panel is an indication of a problem and/or loose connection and should be addressed by a qualified electrician.
*Electrical shocks even mild ones is a sign of an electrical hazard and should be checked.
* Flickering lights, tripped circuit breakers or a strange odor by a appliance are indications of possible electrical problems. When in doubt it is always good to call a professional.

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