Long Island Whole House Fan Benefits Explained

Long Island Whole House Fan Benefits Explained



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The Quiet Cool whole house fan system could save you money let you enjoy better health keep you cool for pennies an hour.
This patented whisper-quiet system will cool and then let your home with fresh natural a wreck at 50 to 90 percent off your air conditioning usage.
The whole house fan is not a new idea and what we’ve done is totally redesign it and make a whisper quiet and very versatile.
This is a product everyone needs whether they have air conditioning or not
First let me show you how it works picture a giant vacuum cleaner connected to all the attic vents at your home then cracking open a few windows and sucking all the hot stale air out of your home and attic in just 3 to 4 minutes while bringing in a fresh natural breeze to the home.

Doing this will call your home in three ways:

First this breeze that comes to your home, which you can control by opening selected windows cause you 5 to 10 degrees it’s just like having a giant ceiling fan blowing on you
Second, because your home up to twenty degrees by replacing all the air in your home fifteen to twenty times every hour you can do this at any time when the outside air is cooler
than the inside air in your home. This is usually in the morning, late afternoon, evening, and night time, depending on the time of the year.
Third, it flushes all the hot air out the attic making it up to 50 degrees cooler!

If you can picture your house and the attic baking from the sun’s rays beating down on it all day long. Heating up like a giant oven, trapping all that heat inside.
If you come home at the end of the day without having had your air conditioner on, you’ll find your home like a large oven.
Like an oven, stopping the heating by having the sun go down, does not stop the heat anymore than turning off your oven.

The quiet cool system replaces the hot air in your home by exchanging it was cooler outside air and rapidly cooling down your home ten times faster than your air
conditioner can.

You’re attic can reach temperatures over 150 degrees or more and your air conditioner does nothing to cool down the attic.
In fact, your air conditioner’s in a battle with your attic all night long. Every time it cools the air in your home, enough to shut off.
The attic you to write back up again causing air conditioner cycle off and on all night long.
The Quiet Cool system cools down your attic much faster than a typical attic fan and keep your home cool all night long without having to run your air conditioner.

The Department of Energy States whole house fans are the most efficient way to cool your home. traditional air conditioners cost dollars an hour run but the quiet coolsystem only cost pennies per hour to operate. You can say 50 to 90 percent off your air conditioning usage. Savings varies depending on several factors your climate, your location, age and type of home and how much air conditioning you normally use generally air conditioning usage is a large portion of your electric bill.
In the summer and usually falls into the highest rate tiers have usage on your bill some utilities highest rate ears have almost doubled this is why most of our customers report huge savings after installing the choir cools some as much as five hundred dollars per month!