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Ask ACKing – Episode 002 Spring Startup


Video Transcript

Hi Vic from AC King again with a question…

What would you say if someone was to tell you that for a 45 dollar investment today you could possibly save up to 7500.00 or more by simply taking care of a small problem before it leads to a major breakdown? Without getting too technical this small little switching device more often then not is one of the major contributors in compressor failures. Whenever your AC turns on this contactor closes letting the electricity pass to your outside unit which we usually refer to as your condenser. The condenser houses most of your major electrical components of your system including your compressor which is the heart of your AC system. When these contacts get dirty or corroded or in the case of a heavy electrical draw on your utility company especially during long heat waves these contacts can start to break down which results in limiting the electricity or current that your compressor needs to run properly or in essence starving it which results in the compressor overheating and failing prematurely.

Here is a example of what a failed contactor looks like right after it took out a compressor.
This contactor is one of the things that most companys will check on their annual spring startups and like I said at the start of this conversation this 45.00 investment could save you anywhere from a compressor replacement up to a complete system replacement which happens a lot now being that the new equipment utilizing environmental friendly refrigerants is not compatible with the old R-22 systems so in more and more cases people find themselves going for a complete system replacement rather then throwing a lot of money into a antiquated system.

What I’m saying is with a little bit of TLC on your part your existing system has the potential to last for many more years.This is Vic from AC King saying “Lets not be penny wise and dollar coolish!”
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