Tips to stay cool

A/C Tips to get the most out of your A/C unit

1. Keep Your Air Conditioner Filter Clean.
Keeping your filter clean assists in keeping the cold air circulating, which helps your house stay cooler. Dirty blocked filter systems reduce that airflow, making the machine work even harder. if you have pets, you will probably need to check your room filters more often. It’s usually pretty standard to that you should check the air filters around once a month, and switch to new ones or clean them every 30-90 days.

2. Change the setting on your thermostat from “AUTO” to “FAN ON”.
Switching this setting keeps the interior fan running continuously. You see, the A/C will cycle on and off and will turn on when cooling is needed. While its not on, constant air flow through your house will keep the house cooler, and also keep the air from becoming “stale”.

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3. Wash the Condenser Coil Yearly.
If you haven’t washed your condenser coil recently, you should probably do it this year. Doing so will keep it from running hot, and that helps it work more efficiently. Working more efficiently means you get to save money, and your house will cool faster and easier.

4. Close Some Vents in Your Home
Close some of the vents in your house in “Warm Rooms”. Closing the vents in rooms that always seem to be warm, and not in use, will allow the system to cool the rest of the house easier than just running constantly trying to cool just one room. If you have 2 or more story’s, close the lower level vents and open the ones up upstairs to get better airflow into the warmer parts of your house.

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5. Keep Your Doors Open.
This is important if you have return air ducts in hallways, as they need to pull the heat from the rooms and cant if the door is closed. Also, if there isn’t a gap between the door and the floor, perhaps because of carpeting, the air returns won’t be able to pull the heat out either, so keeping the door open or cracked will allow the system to efficiently cool the room.

6. Don’t Turn the System Off When You Leave.
Do not turn the A/C off when you leave. If you do so, the entire house heats up, then the system has to work double hard to cool the house back down. There is no real money saved (unless you’re going to be gone for quite awhile, as in more than a day). Usually the amount of electricity saved is wasted on the cooling costs. Turing the system to a warmer setting when leaving is more ideal, as the system will have to work less to keep the house at a little warmer temperature, and is not hard to bring back down when you return home.


7. Don’t Turn Your System On and Off too Frequently.
Don’t turn off the A/C and back on in less than 5 minutes. This kind of action will cause the compressor to trip breakers, short circuit, blow fuses, or even damage your unit. Your system should have a time delay in the event of a power outage, but to make sure, have a qualified A/C & R tech take a look at your setup.

8. Keep the Blinds and Curtains Closed.
Keep all the blinds and curtains closed. This will help keep heat and coolness from escaping and help insulate your home. Also, a working attic fan can help keep the heat in your attic at a minimal level, which helps keep your house cooler, and makes your system work more efficiently.

9. Do Not Add Refrigerant.
Never add refrigerant to your system. If your system does need some, then you have a leak, and that needs to be taken care of immediately by a trained professional. Refrigerant leaking and releasing refrigerants into the air can also be illegal.


10. Check Your System With a Thermometer.
Check your system with a thermometer. There should be a 15-20 degree drop when you check the indoor coil at the air handler. If the air isn’t within that range, then there is a problem, and the system isn’t working to its full efficiency. Too high of a drop, as in 20 degrees or more, could mean a lack of air flow, or that your just low on refrigerant, or a possible refrigerant leak. Not enough of a drop could mean too much air flow, or a dirty set of coils, or low on refrigerant.

11. Never Cover Your System.
Never cover an A/C unit with plastic or with an airtight cover. This will cause the unit to rust. This will also prevent the system from working and cooling properly, because the heat will not be able to be dispersed on the outside of the home.

12. Keep Grass and Weeds Away From Your System.
Allowing these plants (and any plants for that matter) to grow beside and inside the unit will diminish air flow and circulation, and can also cause rust and corrosion.

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